Before Getting a Puppy, Puppy-Proof Your Home

Puppy Proof Home

As cute and lovable as puppies are, they get into everything. If not properly prepared for one, a puppy can wreak havoc on your beautiful home in a matter of seconds. In order to prevent this sort of thing from happening, follow our easy guidelines on how to puppy-proof your home before bringing home your little canine companion.
The first step towards getting prepared is to think like a puppy. Consider every possible thing that might interest you. Some of the obvious items include: garbage cans (especially ones that can easily be tipped over), pillows, rugs, electrical cords, furniture, shoes, toilet paper, food, medications and cosmetics. All items that you believe will spark an interest in your puppy should be put away somewhere out of the puppy’s reach.
The second step is to barricade any areas you do not want the puppy to wander into. The easiest way to do this is to use baby gates.
Step three involves a trip to your local pet store. Puppies love to chew up couch cushions and legs of furniture, especially when they begin their teething stage. Because you cannot easily place your sofa in the closet until your puppy grows out of this phase, a chewing prohibitive spray will do the trick.
Lastly, be prepared to train your puppy. Most bad dogs are the result of a bad owner. Always stick with positive, cruel free training for your puppy. You should love your new dog, but educate him too.

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