City of Bay City DPA Programs

Down Payment Assistance


Bay City DPA

Location Served: Bay City, TX

Provider: City of Bay City, Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA), Bay City Community Development Corporation (BCCDC)

Approved Lender: New American Funding – (512) 524-8077


The Bay City HOME Program provides down payment and closing costs assistance to applicants purchasing a home in Bay City that have a job or other income. The program assists those who need help paying their down payment and closing costs by providing them with a deferred, forgivable loan. The loan is forgiven at a rate of 20 percent per year; therefore, if you remain in the home for a minimum of five years, the total down payment assistance loan is forgiven and you will not be required to repay any amount of it.

Eligibility Requirements


80% of Matagorda County Median Income


Size of your family in Matagorda County 80% median income
1 person family 28,450
2 persons family 32,500
3 persons family 36,600
4 persons family 40,650
5 persons family 43,900
6 persons family 47,150
7 persons family 50,400
8 persons family 53,650


Future Home Requirements

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