Dallas Jumbo Mortgage

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Jumbo Lender Dallas
  • In-house jumbo loans up to $2.0 million
  • Super jumbo options for more than $5.0 loan amounts
  • Great interest rates
  • Low Fees


What is a Dallas Jumbo Loan?


A jumbo mortgage is a home loan in an amount above the standard conventional conforming loan limit set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In Dallas, TX, any mortgage over the $417,000 limit is considered a jumbo loan.


Does Team Candy offer Jumbo Loans in Dallas?


Yes! Team Candy Powered by New American Funding offers in-house jumbo loans in Dallas up to $2 Million (in-house underwriting), Jumbo ARM mortgages up to $3 Million and Super Jumbo loans for mortgage amounts greater than $5 Million.


What do the current interest rates look like for Dallas Jumbo Mortgages?


Today’s jumbo mortgage interest rates are at record-letting low levels. Team Candy offers a wide array of Dallas jumbo loan products with great mortgage rates and low fees. Contact our Dallas mortgage experts today for more information regarding today’s jumbo mortgage rates. There is no cost to apply!


What properties qualify for a Dallas Jumbo Loan?


Eligible occupancy includes:

  • Primary

  • Second Home

  • Investment


*Statement based on loan amount of $615,000, 360-month loan term, 5.5% Dallas mortgage rate and 5.529% Annual Percentage Rate.

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