Galveston Grace Program

Down Payment Assistance


Galveston Grace Program

Location Served: Galveston, TX

Provider: Galveston Redevelopment & Community Enterprise Corporation

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The Galveston Redevelopment and Community Enterprise Corporation, better known as GRACE, was established in 1988. It was formed solely for public and charitable purposes. The primary focus of GRACE is as follows:

  • To provide low to moderate income, elderly, handicapped, and/or disabled individuals located in Galveston, Texas and Galveston County with decent, safe and sanitary housing.

  • To obtain real estate, or any interest therein, by purchase, gift, lease.

  • To build and equip buildings and structures to be utilized by the Corporation, the Housing Authority, or its successors.

  • To possess, operate and/or manage personal property.

  • To offer services such as accounting, management, servicing, personnel and data processing.

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