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Give Your Garage a Makeover - PrimeLending, Your Mortgage Lender

Whether you are getting organized, renovating, or completely remodeling your garage into a spare bedroom, knowing what you want your end result to be is crucial when giving your garage a makeover. While envisioning what you want the end result to look like seems easy enough, knowing the steps to get there is what typically makes homeowners continuously put off the project. If you are one of those homeowners, today you are in luck. Our team at Team Candy has developed an easy-to-follow, three-step guide to transforming your garage from a cluttered mess to a workable space.

Strategy No. 1: Establish your main objective.

What do you want your dream garage to look like? Are you planning to make it into an extra bedroom or a workshop? Or are you just trying to get it cleared out enough to park your car inside?

Once you set a goal, it is best to evaluate your needs and consider how much you have to work with. Whether you are reorganizing or rebuilding, you only have so much space to work with and most of us have a finite budget. If you are planning to transform the garage into a guest bedroom, how do you see the layout of the room flowing. If you are just trying to get organized, how much storage is readily available? Where will you put everything you wish to keep? Luckily, even a small garage, if laid out in the most efficient manner, can provide homeowners with quite a large amount of useable space.

If you are planning to remodel your garage into an addition on your home, now is the time to looking into building codes and permit requirements. Codes and permits were created to ensure the quality and safety of your home, choosing to ignore them is at your own risk. We highly advise you to check with your building department before starting any home improvement or renovation project.

Strategy No. 2: Divide the territory.

Now is the time to start sorting through the items stashed in your garage. There is no reason your hammer, drill and nail gun should be stashed with your garden tools. Therefore, go through each cluttered area in the garage and begin placing similar items together and remove the items that don’t belong. As you are doing this, start tossing unused and unwanted items out. After the process you can either sell the unwanted items in a garage sale or throw them away if they no longer work. If it is broken and has not been repaired in the past 6 months, chances are, it will never get repaired; therefore, go ahead and throw it away.

If you are completely remodeling your garage, now is the time to start deciding where you wish to store everything that is in the garage now. Maybe you want to invest in a storage shed, or move everything up to the attic. Whatever you decide to store the garage items, know that once the area fills up, that’s it. Anything that doesn’t fit will need to be tossed so choose your “keep” items wisely.

Strategy No. 3: Use your wall.

This step is mainly for those who are just trying to organize a messy garage. If you have bikes, consider hoisting them from the ceiling or installing a wall-mounted track organizer. For boxes, try adding additional shelving. Just picking moving items off the floor will immediately give you more space and help organize your garage.

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