Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Dallas MortgageWhether you have a galley kitchen in a high-rise or a small space in a suburban residence, there are ways to make your kitchen appear bigger without actually knocking down walls and expanding. Our team of mortgage professionals has developed a list of eight design tricks that will help you visually expand the look of your space-challenged kitchen.

Focus on Function

Let’s face it, small kitchens cannot serve as the homework center, mail storage area and laundry room. When we are faced with the challenge of a small kitchen, it is best to focus on the primary function of the space, which should be food and meal preparation. Therefore, clear out anything not related to your main function. If you have piles of mail on your counter, consider hanging a sorting rack on the wall. If the kitchen table is where you fold laundry and store supplies, consider adding extra shelving to your laundry room to hold these items.
Once everything not needed in the room has been cleared, make sure you have the necessary appliances and work space for your kitchen. Instead of buying big, bulky appliances, give the scaled-down or innovative appliances a try like refrigerators with freezer drawers and pint-sized microwaves. If your counter space, or meal prep area is limited, try adding a small-scale island or counter-topped cart that can be rolled into a closet when not in use.

Open Up the Cabinets

Tiny kitchens can often feel cramped and closed in when dark cabinets tower from overhead. Therefore, organize the contents of your cabinets and take the doors off. Consider adding additional shelving to display some of your favorite dishes or shiny pots and pans. If you absolutely hate the idea of taking the doors off the cabinets, try going with an opaque-glass cabinet door. Most homeowners are shocked at what this simple change can do.

Mix Up the Details

If your kitchen is short on space then chances are it is short on interesting architectural details as well. That means it is up to you to add the style component to the room. Go with eye-catching countertop surfaces, crisp cabinetry, contemporary light fixtures and a neutral paint color. To ensure a unified look, create an inspiration board with samples and swatches of the materials you plan to use.

Go for Glass

Incorporating glass is perhaps one of the easiest ways to visually expand any space. For a kitchen, consider going with a glass counter or table top. As previously mentioned, glass cabinet doors can also open up a space. Mirrors create instant depth to a room. Therefore, consider using mirrored backsplash or strategically place a hanging mirror to reflect natural light let in through a window.

Lighting Matters

To light a small kitchen one must combine task and atmospheric lighting. Pendant lighting can be installed over the dining table to create drama and counteract with the bluish cast of fluorescent overhead lighting. Also, installing under cabinet lighting adds extra light without cluttering the space.

Invest in Flooring

When most people walk into a room their eyes glance down. That’s right, as soon as someone steps into a small kitchen they more than likely look straight at the dust bunny in the corner or at the scuffed up floor. Don’t let this happen in your kitchen. Since square footage is small, go ahead and splurge on the eye-catching floors you have always wanted. Consider going with a beautiful tumbled marble or environmentally friendly cork.

Add Pops of Color

While painting the entire kitchen sunset orange may make it feel claustrophobic, adding brightly colored accessories can give your small kitchen great style. From stools to dish towels, bold colors can be very effective in small spaces.

Embrace the Space

Lastly, remember to embrace your space. Although it may be a little tight at times, small kitchens are warm and inviting.

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