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Down Payment Assistance


National Homeownership Program

Location Served: United States

Provider: NeighborWorks America

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In order to ensure successful and sustainable homeownership in every state, National Homeownership Programs offer a wide array of strategies to people of modest means.
The current foreclosure crisis has made it apparent that successful, sustainable homeownership starts with well-informed consumers who have the resources, ability and options to make smart choices about purchasing a home, mortgage products and the overall maintenance of a home.
The NeighborWorks America Programs offer several strategies including the following:

  • Affordability Assistance

  • Pre-purchase Education

  • Post-purchase Education

  • Loan Origination and Brokering

  • Foreclosure Intervention and Solutions

  • Retention of Homeownership through Responsible Refinancing and Property Rehabilitation

  • And many others!


All of these strategies, plus many others, are needed to develop and maintain quality homeownership and to grow sustainable homeownership.
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