Simple Ways to Cut Your Electic Bill

Simple Ways To Cut Your Electric Bill

With the month of August in full swing and the wonderful Texas temperatures slowly creeping past the 100 degree mark, we could all agree that it wouldn’t hurt to try and conserve a bit of energy for the sake of our ever-rising electricity bills. Below are a few simple methods our team of Dallas mortgage professionals came up with to help you cut down your electric bill and save some hard-earned cash.



  • Unplug any electronics that are not frequently used, such as the guest bedroom TV, DVD player and alarm clock.

  • Unplug chargers that are not currently being used, like your cell phone, I-pod or Kindle charger.




  • Always wait to run your dishwasher until it is completely full. To really cut back, switch of the heated-dry option and prop open the dishwasher door to let the dishes air dry.

  • Keep your kitchen counter-top appliances, such as the toaster, blender, and coffee pot unplugged when not in use.




  • Obviously, keep lights off that are not being used. If you find yourself constantly nagging your kids to turn the lights off, consider installing occupancy sensors that automatically turn lights on when someone enters the room.

  • Focus lighting on the areas in a room that need it most instead of brightly lighting the entire space.

  • Try using energy-efficient light bulbs throughout your home. Not only do they last much longer than regular bulbs, they also provide extremely high-quality lighting.

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