Your Guide to Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions about the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex? Our team of Dallas mortgage experts has answers. Listed below are the most frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers regarding the most traveled too city in the great state of Texas.


  1. How many people currently live in Dallas, TX?

    According the U.S. Census Bureau, in July last year there were 1,223,229 people residing in Dallas, Texas.


  3. How many tourists does Dallas attract each year?

    More than 27 Million people visit the DFW area every year.


  5. What are Dallas’ top industries?

    Dallas/Fort Worth’s top industries include: Advanced Services, Technology, Logistics & Trade and Healthcare.


  7. What are the top ten things to do in the Dallas?


    Dallas Zoo
    Home to nearly 8,000 animals, representing 380 species, the Dallas Zoo is a Dallas Attraction must-see. The interactive and engaging complex features amazing exhibits such as “Giants of the Savanah”, “Primate Place” and “Wilds of Africa”. There is even a petting zoo and carousel for the little ones.


    State Fair of Texas
    Where do more than 3 million people gather every year to pig out on Fletcher’s corn dogs and watch one of the most anticipated college football games? The answer to that is the lively State Fair of Texas. The event features amusement rides and games, art competitions, livestock shows, outdoor musical events and all the fried-food you could ever imagine.


    Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden
    Showcasing over 66 acres of manicured lawns, lush trees and vibrant blooming flower beds, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is home to over 2,400 different types of azaleas. The exquisite property also features breathtaking statuary and the DeGolyer Mansion.


    Dallas World Aquarium
    The one-of-a-kind zoological park, known as the Dallas World Aquarium, is a multi-level rainforest with incredible highlights such as a 400,000-gallon shark tank, crazy crocodile feedings, a 40-foot waterfall, exotic birds flying freely overhead and New World monkeys roaming around un-caged. Lucky visitors may even catch a glimpse of the car-sized catfish.


    White Rock Lake Park
    White Rock Lake encompasses over 1,000 acres and is one of Dallas’ most popular recreational areas. The park consists of nine miles of hiking and biking trails.


    Dallas Museum of Art
    The Dallas Museum of Art showcases over 23,000 pieces that represent ancient times to present day. Their broad collection just about covers everything from European paintings to Pacific Island sculptures. Take a walk around the limestone galleries and view the outstanding items that make up the Dallas Museum of Art.


    Southfork Ranch
    Southfork Ranch provided the perfect setting for the Texas intrigues of J.R. and the Ewings on the popular CBS TV show “Dallas”. Once a running ranch, Southfork is now a popular Dallas tourist stop attracting over 400,000 visitors a year.


    Nasher Sculpture Center
    The Nasher Sculpture Center blends indoor and outdoor sculpture galleries together seamlessly. This carefully developed museum features fabulous collections from greats such as Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin Jasper Johns and many more.


    Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
    Containing nearly 400 photographs, interviews, artifacts and interpretive displays, the Sixth Floor Museum examines the life, times, death and legacy of President John F. Kennedy.


    Mesquite Championship Rodeo
    The Mesquite Championship Rodeo takes place every year beginning in June and concluding in August. The event attracts over 200,000 visitors a year and is hosted at the Resistol Arena just east of Dallas. From bull riding to pony rides, the Mesquite Championship Rodeo has something for everyone.


  9. Where is the Tourist Information Center located?

    The Tourist Information Center is located at 100 South Houston Street in the historic Old Red Courthouse. They’re open seven days a week, including most holidays, from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  11. Where is the Dallas Convention Center located?

    The Dallas Convention Center is located at 650 S. Griffin St.


  13. What are the average monthly temperatures in Dallas, TX?


    Month Hi (°F) Low (°F)
    January 56.8 37.3
    February 60.8 41.2
    March 68.8 48.5
    April 76.8 56.2
    May 84.2 65.4
    June 91.6 72.8
    July 96 76.7
    August 96.4 76.8
    September 69 88.8
    October 78.5 58.2
    November 67.2 47.6
    December 57.4 38.5


  14. How far is the airport from downtown Dallas?

    Unfortunately, downtown Dallas is still thirty minutes from the DFW airport in light traffic. When traffic is heavy, it can sometimes take up to 45 minutes just to get out of the airport grounds.


  16. How many hotel rooms are in Dallas?

    Dallas is home to more than 70,000 hotel rooms that span a variety of brands, locations and prices.


  18. How many hotel rooms are located in Dallas’ downtown area?

    There are approximately 7,000 hotel rooms located in downtown Dallas.

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